We strive for academic excellence & personality grooming through the integrated curriculum by availing the innovative and inclusive educational process in line with the UAE Vision 2021.

This institution is committed to provide students centered quality education in a very conducive and congenial learning environment. We offer the students equal opportunities to reach their full potential through a well-designed curriculum. We are committed to adopt best practices and strategies addressing individual needs, continuous improvement and providing guidance to the students to be self -directed, lifelong learners, critical thinkers and responsible citizens. We vie for inculcating 21 Century skills amongst the students through host of curricular and co-curricular activities.

This institution has well educated and experienced teaching faculty. The continuous professional development of the teachers towards adopting latest pedagogical advancements is a salient of an academic session. We also adopt innovative approach not only in curriculum designing but also the provision of resources and facilities for better learning, attainment and progress of our students.

It is pertinent to mention here that the role of parents is very pivotal in making the success story at any institution.  Their valuable feedback and support are very significant in achieving our desired goals and objectives.

Education is a continuous and fascinating journey but not a destination. The school and parents are making this journey more fascinating for the learners.

I wish best of luck to the students in their academic pursuits and future life.



  1. The school is the second home for the Pakistani Community children abroad.
  2. The Pakistani cultural values and social and moral values are inculcated in the young minds of the students.
  3. The feeling of having an independent homeland, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan makes the children ‘a proud patriot’ in the community of nations.
  4. The children are given introduction about the history of Pakistan to remain rooted as a Pakistani reminding them their responsibilities for the mother nation, in the cosmopolitan environment of Dubai.
  5. The children celebrate the current affairs of Pakistan to keep in touch with the present day Pakistan.
  6. The medium of instruction is English language, but the children know and understand the national language of Pakistan.
  7. The teachers are the role models as per the social, cultural and moral standard of Pakistan.