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Mission,Vision,Objectives and Values


We strive for academic excellence & personality grooming through integrated curriculum by availing the innovative and inclusive educational process in line with UAE Vision 2021.


  • To ensure a student-centered education process encompassing academic excellence coupled with overall personality grooming of students.
  • To prepare students to face the ever changing competitive scenarios in all walks of life by inculcating21 Century Skills through a host of curricular & co-curricular activities.
  • To extend the educational facilities in consonance with the latest advancements in the field of education.
  • A special focus on the students with special education needs for their support and progress in relation with the modern approach.
  • To provide professional development and promote the capacity building of the teachers in accordance with the latest pedagogical trendsbased on Teachers Need Analysis.
  • To nurture the strengths of the students and to address the weak areas through well designed remedial on student need basis.
  • To offer counseling and activities both for personal, social development & career options / future course of studies to the students.
  • To ensure health and safety of the students coupled with strict monitoring for cyber security.
  • To host a community of learners striving for excellence and celebrating success.
  • To actively involve the stakeholders for their feedback and input towards achieving the desired objectives.
  • To work in partnership with students, parents, staff and the wider community to achieve the school’s vision as per scope of the school.



  • To develop and inculcate 21 Century Skills amongst the students encompassing collaboration, teamwork, creativity, imagination, critical thinking, problem solving, flexibility, adaptability, global/cultural awareness, information literacy, leadership and communication skills.
  • Effective pedagogy based on innovative and inclusive educational process.
  • Conceptual learning in a very congenial, conducive and disciplined environment in line with child protection and safety policy.
  • Regular evaluation in each subject to identify and address the weak areas along with fine tuning of the strengths of the students.
  • An effective pedagogy in the mixed ability class through differentiation along with testing and communication of the learning outcomes of the students to the parents.Special attention on students found weak in studies through remedial plans like additional supplementary material.
  • Provision of especially designed topic wise worksheets and assignments in each subject where the intellectual abilities of the students are challenged for better concept building.
  • Orientation and best preparation of the students for the internal as well as external exams with an objective of securing excellent grades in the same.
  • Personality development by inculcating traits like self-confidence, public speaking, English communication skills, critical thinking, synthesis, IT skills etc. and giving vent to the latent capabilities of the students through host of co-curricular activities and Sports.
  • A regular professional development of faculty through seminars and training workshops.
  • A continuous self-evaluation process to identify the growth areas towards the school operations.
  • Regular improvement in educational facilities & sports material within the scope of the school.
  • A close interaction with the parents/stakeholders with reference to the over-all progress of students through forums like interactive website, Parents-Teacher Meetings, e-mails, telephonic conversation etc.


In line with UAE heritage and cultural values along with teachings of Islam, followings will be adhered to.

COMPASSION Empathy & Tolerance by understanding the circumstances and viewpoints of others, developing the capacity to forgive others and ourselves, celebrating the contribution of others, promoting a peaceful, caring and safe community.
INTEGRITY Standing up for what we believe, to be honest with ourselves and others, demonstrating fairness in our judgments and actions, fulfilling commitments and promises.
RESPECT Self-respect, believing in the inherent dignity of all, celebrating individuality, valuing & appreciating diversity of all languages, traditions, religions and culture, honouring others through words & actions.
RESPONSIBILITY Taking ownership of our behaviour as individuals, have the courage to think and act independently, demonstrating problem solving & decision making skills, be reliable & trustworthy.
SOCIAL SERVICE Development of responsible citizen, finding positive ways to contribute to the broader community, sharing time & talents with others, taking an active role in community service.

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