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There is a wonderful buzz and great excitement when we walk through the front doors of KG. I wish to welcome you to our KG department which is definitely a cut above the rest! My staff and I are energized and focused about the upcoming academic year. We look forward to working with your precious “Little Gems”

This is a new and exciting time for you and your child. It’s a time for change, new beginnings, new friends, new challenges and exciting discoveries.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for allowing me to be a part of your child’s life during this special time of growth and discovery.
We strive to make your child’s stay enjoyable but also filled with academics. Your child’s personality and learning abilities will blossom and unfold day by day with the guidance of our professional teaching staff. Developing your children to be Little Leaders of the future is our goal and purpose every day of the year. Our curriculum will carefully provide your child with daily opportunities to learn and grow and be successful. Your child will experience the best educational experience during his/her stay with us.  Wishing you a good luck.


We aim to lay the best foundations for life, by inspiring little minds through constructive play, quality experiences and excellent teaching. We believe in doing our best to give your child the best possible environment to grow and develop into a confident individual.


We try to provide activities to fulfill our aims and ultimately prepare the children for the next level of the school. Ours is an environment where little ones can feel at home!
Our staff will be available at the beginning and end of each session and will be only too happy to answer any questions that you may have. If it is important to you, it is important to us!
And finally.Our aim at is to help your child become confident, independent, happy and stimulated by the environment. We believe that the time spent in with us is the best possible foundation for a child’s life.
We endeavor to make all areas of teaching and learning effective for every child whatever their ability. The work is differentiated where necessary to enable all children to achieve success at a level appropriate to their ability and to encourage them to reach their maximum potential.
We aim to provide opportunities to develop independence of learning by the use of initiative, working individually, in pairs, in groups and as a class. Learning is linked to wider applications across the curriculum using a range of resources.
Within the classroom, each individual has something positive to offer and should be valued accordingly. All children are entitled to have equal access to the learning experiences we offer them. This involves ensuring that individuals do not become ‘invisible’ or in any way marginalized because of their race, their gender, their language or their ability.

We ensure that all learners in lessons should be:

Engaged in suitable activities – to acquire or consolidate concepts and skills which are appropriate for their age and abilities.

Challenged – in relation to their prior knowledge. Children should be able to understand and cope successfully with lesson content, but only with intellectual, physical or creative effort

Productive – children should be working at the optimum pace

Motivated – children should be seeking help when needed and staying on task

Our program is meant to:

Instill a love for learning, discovery and new experiences through role play

Encourage activities that develop thinking

Inculcate an awareness and appreciation of the environment

Build your child’s confidence

Foster creativity


Class Age Group
Lower Kg 4 to 5 years
Upper Kg 5 to 6 years

We lay emphasis on:

Communication, Language & Literacy.
Children will be encouraged to ‘read’ a range of texts by using puppets and props. We will begin to explore the meaning of sounds, words and rhyming words.

We will estimate numbers of how many children are present or absent in the class. We will recognize and use numbers and start to talk about ‘one more’ or ‘one less’. We will use the language of measures, heavy, heaviest, light, lightest and similar concepts.

Understanding of the World
We will start to use simple maps, for example, coming to the class, going to grandma’s house etc.

Expressive Art & Design
We will introduce a variety of creative experiences and develop the language of color, record pictures and build upon a repertoire of songs.

Physical Development
We will develop eye, foot and hand coordination and focus on attention through our senses.

Behavior & Self Control
Children will be made to understand the importance of what is right and wrong and why they need to consider the consequences of their words and actions.

Self Confidence & Self Esteem
Children will develop an awareness of their own needs, views and feelings of others. They will be taught to respect their own cultures and beliefs and those of other people.

Eating Healthy
Children will learn about the four food groups and the importance of healthy food in their lives.

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