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Grade 3

grade 3

Subject: Computer Q1: How to make a graph from a spreadsheet? Q2: Define line Graph.

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Grade 3 (May 18,2017)

Subject Homework English (Section A) Read the Story “Moving from Here and There” and write at least 10 prepositions used in it. (Section B &D) Complete work book pages  147 &148 Islam Learn Surah Ikhlas with translation Computer Write a paragraph about your Family in Ms Word Insert Pictures and …

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Grade 3 (May 17,2017)

Subject  Homework  English Write on your favorite topic using prepositions. (For section A ) Write 10 questions using question words and gerunds. Science Do page #  50 , 51 and 52 in workbook. (For section D ) pg # 24 and 25 plant growth. Arabic Revision  (Haaza & Haazhi)

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