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We are proud of our staff and students and invite you to get to know our school. I encourage you to become involved by volunteering or visiting the school.
I look forward to a long and fruitful association with you.
Each child is different and we in our school motivate and appreciate this uniqueness in each child. We try to inculcate this kind of learning environment, where child gets full freedom to excel his potentialities and interests. Here a teacher is a facilitator who is not the only source of knowledge for the child but he is facilitating the child to learn from the given situations and experience and helping them to move from KNOWN to UNKNOWN, NEAR to FAR and from LOCAL to GLOBAL.

Children are the source of light that can brighten up a nation. Let’s come together in building a joyous & beautiful childhood for our children. In this pursuit of excellence, I appreciate our parent fraternity for supporting the school in every aspect.
Due to globalization, the world scenario is changing rapidly. Today world belongs to the men and women of strength, excellence and merit. Our students have tremendous talent and potential for growth. We at SRAMPS provide an excellent opportunity and environment by acting as a catalyst and facilitator to develop their potential and promote success through quality education. 
I assure both, the parents and the students that our School is fast emerging as an excellent launching ground for their success. Our endeavor is not to transfer the printed material from books to brains, but our mission is to provide skills, knowledge and the environment in which the student can make the best of their knowledge skills and potentials.
Our institution is striving to unfold and explore the bounty of talent, creativity and gifted potentials of our student on various platforms. We are fully committed and dedicated to revolutionize our school’s overall learning system.
We are aware of the new educational paradigm and research regarding 21st century and spare no efforts in implementing them during the teaching processes.


Continuous Human Resource Development
Academic Excellence
Total Satisfaction and exploration

To motivate
To inspire
To explore
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