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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

The best leaders are lifelong learners who create organizations that foster and inspire learning. One effect of that until recent years has been a focus on competitive examination as the raison d’être of schools.
More recent curriculum reform has led to a focus on a more holistic form of learning that requires teachers in general and School Principals in particular to assume the role of instructional Leader.
As a result, Principals as instructional Leaders have a responsibility to their Students in terms of intellectual development but also in terms of life skills, values, safety, health and well being across the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic arena. The maintenance merely of a graded score in a competition examination is no longer considered to be an adequate outcome by Schools.
As Principals are expected to be instructional Leaders, the way they are expected to lead has also shifted, particularly in terms of the expectation that they operate more multilaterally as the Leader of Leadership team.
The unilateral School Principal has, in effect, given way to a multilateral School Leadership team that includes the core group of the Principal and Deputies.

Coordinators, Head of Department and others who together own the vision and mission and dedicate themselves to the cause of realizing it across the School Community. In the multilateral School Leadership team model, I wish all the stake holders the best of luck, in our quest for quality education for our future generations.

“Principals and other members
of the School Leadership Team
Who employ both
Transactional and Transformational approaches
Are able to raise the quality
By unlocking
The potential Capacities that exist in their school”